What is the full form of AO?

AO stands for Angola.

Short Form AO
Full Form Angola
Category Regional » Countries
Country Angola
Type Unknown

What is AO?

Angola is an African country located in the western part of the continent. It has a land area of almost 181,000 square kilometers, making it the 22nd-largest country in the world. Angola’s capital and largest city is Luanda.

Angola is rich in natural resources, including oil and diamonds. The country has significant reserves of coal, copper, iron ore, gold, diamonds and other minerals. Angola also has significant agricultural potential, including coffee, cocoa, tobacco and cotton.

Angola was originally colonized by Portugal but became an independent country in 1975. It has been plagued by political instability and civil wars throughout its history. However, economic reforms implemented since 2000 have helped to improve the country’s economy.

Today, Angola is one of the poorest countries in Africa. However, progress has been made over the past few years and the country is slowly beginning to recover from its many years of turmoil.