What is the full form of ASM?

ASM stands for Air-to-Surface Missile.

Short Form ASM
Full Form Air-to-Surface Missile
Category Governmental » Military
Country Worldwide
Type Unknown

What is ASM?

Air-to-surface missiles (ASMs) are a class of precision-guided munitions used to strike targets from the air. They are distinguished from other types of missiles by their ability to hit targets on land or at sea from long ranges.

An air-to-surface missile is a missile that is fired from a jet aircraft or surface ship at a target on land, sea, or in the air. The missile uses sensors to identify the target and then fires a warhead that hits the target.

ASMs are classified according to their type of guidance system. There are two main types of ASMs: Global Positioning System (GPS) guided and Laser Guided Missile (LGM). GPS guided ASMs are designed to hit specific targets with pinpoint accuracy. LGM ASMs use a laser guidance system to hit targets with greater accuracy than GPS guided ASMs.

ASMs have many military applications, including attacking ground targets, naval vessels, and aircraft carriers. They are also used in offensive and defensive roles against enemy troops and weapons systems.