What is the full form of AWB?

AWB stands for Air WayBill.

Short Form AWB
Full Form Air WayBill
Category Business » Trade
Country Worldwide
Type Unknown

What is AWB?

An Air Waybill (AWB) is a document that airlines use to track the movement of cargo. It is also known as an air transport document, air waybill, or air waybill of delivery.

An AWB is used to track the movement of cargo from the time it is accepted by the carrier until the time it is delivered to the customer. The AWB contains all the information needed to track the shipment, including the carrier, shipper, freight, and consignee.

The AWB is usually filled out by the shipper and can be in any format. It can be electronic or paper, and it can be in PDF, Excel, or Word format. The AWB can also contain pictures or videos.

An airline will use an AWB to process and pay for the shipment. The airline will also use the AWB to generate invoices and receipts.

Air carriers use an AWB system because it is more efficient than other tracking systems. An airline can track a shipment from acceptance to delivery without having to contact each individual party involved in the shipment. This makes it easier for the airline to process payments and generate invoices.