What is the full form of BE?

BE stands for Bachelor of Engineering.

Short Form BE
Full Form Bachelor of Engineering
Category Academic & Science » Academic Degrees
Country Worldwide
Type Initialism

What is BE?

BE is a four-year course which is the professional engineering degree awarded to a student after the successful completion of an accredited engineering program. BE is typically the second step in getting an engineering license. The first step being a four-year Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) degree.

While a BSE degree gives you the ability to do research and work in many different areas of engineering, a BE degree focuses more on giving you the skills and knowledge to work in a specific area of engineering. For example, if you want to be a civil engineer, you would get a BE in civil engineering.

Most engineering schools offer both BSE and BE programs. If you are not sure which type of degree you want, you can usually start with a BSE program and then decide if you want to continue on to get your BE.

Getting a BE degree generally takes four years, although some students may be able to finish in less time if they have already completed some college coursework or have advanced placement credits.

After completing a BE program, you will need to pass the Engineer-in-Training (EIT) exam before you can become a licensed engineer. Once you pass the EIT