Board of Directors

Shri Narain N.Hingorani (Chairman & Managing Director)

Appointed as Director on 01.02.1995

Shri Narain N.Hingorani has more than two decades of experience in the production,

marketing & other related matters particularly with reference to manufacture and

export of garments


Shri Chandru K.Bakhtiani

Appointed as Director on 30.01.1999

Shri Chandru K.Bakhtiani has vast experience and knowledge in the various aspects

of marketing and distribution. His has been travelling extensively and shares his

expertise by his wide business experience.


Mrs. Kavita N. Hingorani

Appointed as Director on 14.03.2015

Mrs. Kavita Hingorani has about twenty years experience of managing family business.


Mrs. Roopa Teckchandani

Appointed as Director on 27.04.2015

Mrs. Roops Teckchandani is an ex-banker and has about thirty years experience in finance.