What is the full form of CAA?

CAA stands for Citizenship Amendment Act.

Short Form CAA
Full Form Citizenship Amendment Act
Category Governmental » Law & Legal
Country India
Type Initialism

What is CAA?

The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is a landmark bill passed by the Indian parliament in 2014 that revamps the country’s immigration system.

The CAA is a wide-ranging bill that changes many aspects of India’s immigration system. The main thrust of the CAA is to make it easier for refugees and other immigrants to live and work in India.

One of the most important changes made by the CAA is to the citizenship eligibility criteria. Under the old law, only members of certain designated minority groups were eligible for Indian citizenship. The CAA removes this restriction, making it easier for all immigrants, including refugees, to obtain Indian citizenship.

The CAA also makes it easier for foreigners to acquire Indian citizenship through naturalization. Under the old law, foreigners had to meet a very strict set of eligibility criteria before they could apply for naturalization. The CAA eliminates these requirements, making it much easier for foreigners to become Indian citizens.

Overall, the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is a landmark bill that marks a major change in India’s immigration system. It makes it easier for foreigners to live and work in India, while also opening up the country’s citizenship eligibility criteria to all immigrants, not just