What is the full form of DC?

DC stands for Direct Current.

Short Form DC
Full Form Direct Current
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What is DC?

Direct current, also known as DC, is a type of electric current that flows only in one direction. This is different from the alternating current (AC) that most people are familiar with.

AC power is created by using electricity to turn an electromagnet on and off. The direction of the AC current is determined by the direction of the electromagnet.

DC power, on the other hand, is created when two coils of wire are connected in series. The current flow in each coil is opposite to the other. This means that the DC power always flows from the positive coil to the negative coil.

DC power is useful for several reasons. First, it’s easier to convert DC into AC than it is to convert AC into DC. Second, DC can travel longer distances than AC without losing too much power. Finally, DC can be used to power devices that require a high voltage, like electric guns and medical implants.