What is the full form of DDOS?

DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service.

Short Form DDOS
Full Form Distributed Denial of Service
Category Computing » Internet
Country Worldwide
Type Unknown

What is DDOS?

Distributed Denial of Service(DDOS) is a type of attack where hackers use a large number of computers to bombard a website or server with requests, causing the site to slow down or even crash. DDOS attacks are often used to protest websites or intimidate companies by disrupting their operations.

There are many types of DDOS attacks, but one common type is called a DNS amplification attack. This type of attack uses spoofed DNS requests to send massive amounts of traffic to a target website. Because the target website can’t handle that much traffic, it can be overwhelmed and crash.

DDOS attacks are often used by hackers in order to protest websites or harass companies. They can also be used as part of an intimidation campaign against a company.