What is the full form of DOPA?

DOPA stands for Department of Public Administration.

Short Form DOPA
Full Form Department of Public Administration
Category Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Country Worldwide
Type Acronym

What is DOPA?

Department of Public Administration is the government department which deals with administration, organization and management of public services, public enterprises and public bodies.

Department of Public Administration is responsible for providing quality public services that meet the needs of the people. It helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government administration.

The Department of Public Administration provides a range of services, including public finance, public procurement, human resources management, information technology and management support. It also oversees the operations of state-owned enterprises and public bodies.

The Department of Public Administration is made up of various divisions, including the departments of administrative services, budget and finance, civil service, communication and information technology, constitutional affairs, development studies and policy analysis, economy and planning, environment and conservation, equity studies and research, external affairs (including liaison with non-government organizations), health services research institute and social welfare bureau.