What is the full form of DRAM?

DRAM stands for Dynamic Random Access Memory.

Short Form DRAM
Full Form Dynamic Random Access Memory
Category Computing » Hardware
Country Worldwide
Type Unknown

What is DRAM?

DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) is a type of memory that can be accessed randomly, which makes it very useful for computers. DRAM is often used in computer systems to store data and software programs.

DRAM is made up of small cells that are connected together. The cells can be switched on and off very quickly, which makes them able to store large amounts of data. This ability to quickly access the data is what makes DRAM so useful for computers.

By using DRAM, computers can quickly access the information they need. This is especially important when the computer is busy processing multiple tasks at the same time. DRAM also helps to speed up the startup time of a computer system.

DRAM is a very important component of modern computers. It allows them to run faster and more efficiently than ever before.