What is the full form of DSR?

DSR stands for Detailed Seller Ratings.

Short Form DSR
Full Form Detailed Seller Ratings
Category Computing » Internet
Country Worldwide
Type Initialism

What is DSR?

Detailed Seller Ratings, or DSR for short, is a system used by online sellers to rate their own performance. DSR is calculated based on the number of positive and negative feedback ratings that a seller has received.

The idea behind DSR is simple: sellers who are good at customer service and who take care of their customers will receive more positive feedback ratings than sellers who are bad at customer service and who don’t take care of their customers.

Most online sellers use DSR as a way to measure their own performance. They use DSR to see how they compare to other sellers, and to see how they can improve their rating.

As you can imagine, using DSR can be a valuable tool for online sellers. It can help them to understand how they are performing, and it can help them to improve their customer service skills.