What is the full form of DVM?

DVM stands for Digital Voltmeter.

Short Form DVM
Full Form Digital Voltmeter
Category Academic & Science » Electronics
Country Worldwide
Type Unknown

What is DVM?

A digital voltmeter is a special type of voltmeter that can be used to measure voltages in digital form. This is different from the traditional voltmeter, which measures voltages in analog form.

Digital voltmeters are used in many different applications, including electronics, instrumentation, and power supplytesting. They are also used to measurevoltages in power systems and industrial applications.

The main advantage of digital voltmeters over traditional voltmeters is their accuracy. Digital voltmeters are very accurate and can measure very small voltage differences. This accuracy is important when measuringvoltages in difficult or noisy environments.

Digital voltmeters can also be calibrated easily. This makes them perfect for use in critical applications where precision is necessary.