What is the full form of EGA?

EGA stands for Enhanced Graphics Adapter.

Short Form EGA
Full Form Enhanced Graphics Adapter
Category Technology » Display & Graphics
Country Worldwide
Type Unknown

What is EGA?

EGA is an Advanced Graphics Adapter which is found in some of the latest gaming laptops. It was first made available in 1997 and was designed to improve the graphics performance of laptop computers.

EGA has two main functions: it helps to create realistic images, and it improves the speed of the computer’s central processing unit (CPU). EGA helps to create realistic images by increasing the colour depth and number of colours that can be displayed onscreen. It also gives the laptop a higher resolution than standard graphics cards, which makes images look sharper and more detailed.

EGA also helps to improve the speed of the CPU by performing multiple tasks at once. This means that it can work faster than standard graphics cards and help to speed up the overall performance of the computer.