What is the full form of EPA?

EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency.

Short Form EPA
Full Form Environmental Protection Agency
Category Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Country United States
Type Initialism

What is EPA?

The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) is a federal agency that was created in 1970 to help protect the environment. The EPA is responsible for regulating environmental pollution, protecting public health, and promoting clean energy.

The main goals of the EPA are to reduce air pollution, improve water quality, and protect endangered species. The EPA also helps to promote economic development while protecting the environment.

The EPA works with state and local governments to implement its programs. It also provides financial assistance to these governments to help them meet their environmental goals.

The EPA has several divisions that work on different aspects of environmental protection. These divisions include the Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, the Office of Water Quality, the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, and the Office of General Counsel.

The EPA has a staff of over 13,000 people who are dedicated to protecting the environment. Their efforts have helped to improve air quality, protect public health, and promote clean energy.