What is the full form of EPP?

EPP stands for European People’s Party.

Short Form EPP
Full Form European People’s Party
Category Governmental » Politics
Country Worldwide
Type Initialism

What is EPP?

The European People’s Party (EPP) is a political party in the European Union. It is the largest party in the Parliament, and the second largest in the Council of Europe. The EPP was founded on 14 April 1973 in Brussels as a coalition of Christian democratic and conservative parties.

The EPP has been a member of the European People’s Party since its establishment and has continuously been one of the three main groups in the Parliament. The other two groups are the Socialist Group and the Group of the European Left. The EPP is also one of the two major groups in the Council of Europe.

The EPP has played an important role in the development of European integration. It was instrumental in establishing common policies between member states, and helped to build consensus between different political parties.

The EPP is a democratic party, which means that it welcomes new members. This makes it easier for new parties to join, and gives them access to parliamentary resources and influence.

The EPP is a pro-European party, which means that it supports EU integration and believes that membership in the EU strengthens democracy across Europe. The EPP also believes that EU membership benefits all member states, regardless