What is the full form of ESA?

ESA stands for European Space Agency.

Short Form ESA
Full Form European Space Agency
Category Associations & Organizations » International Orgaizations
Country Worldwide
Type Initialism

What is ESA?

The European Space Agency (ESA) is a European Union agency that was formed in 1975. ESA’s primary goal is to promote the exploration and use of space for peaceful purposes, including the development of new technologies and the exploration of our solar system.

ESA has several branches, including Earth Observation, Communication and Navigation, Human Spaceflight, Security and Environment, Research and Technology Development, Operations and Support, and Education and Training. ESA also works with other international organizations to carry out its mission.

ESA is made up of member states from all over Europe. Its members are responsible for funding ESA’s operations and spending about 25% of their GDP on space projects. ESA has about 7,000 employees who work in 22 offices across Europe.

ESA has many accomplishments in its history. It was the first organization to send a human into space, it was the first organization to launch an artificial satellite into orbit, and it was the first organization to land a rover on Mars.ESA is still active today and continues to make progress in its mission to explore space for peaceful purposes.