What is the full form of FET?

FET stands for Field Effect Transistor.

Short Form FET
Full Form Field Effect Transistor
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What is FET?

Field effect transistors are a type of semiconductor that is used in electronic devices. They are also called bipolar transistors, because they have two terminals, called the collector and the emitter. The difference between a field effect transistor and a regular transistor is that a field effect transistor has a layer of material between the collector and the emitter. This layer of material is called the gate dielectric.

When you apply an electric current to a field effect transistor, it causes the gate dielectric to become negative ionized. This allows electrons to flow through the transistor from the collector to the emitter. This process is called switching.

There are many different types of field effect transistors, but they all have one common feature: they can be switched by electric current. This is why they are used in electronic devices, such as computer chips and cellular phones.