What is the full form of FFS?

FFS stands for Amiga Fast File System.

Short Form FFS
Full Form Amiga Fast File System
Category Computing » Databases
Country Worldwide
Type Unknown

What is FFS?

The Amiga Fast File System is a disk-based file system for the Amiga computer platform. It was introduced in 1986 and replaced the previous Amiga filesystem, AFS.

FFS was designed to be faster and more reliable than AFS. In particular, FFS was optimized for use with large files. Due to this optimization, FFS was sometimes able to achieve speeds that were several times faster than AFS.

FFS also had some unique features that made it useful for certain applications. For example, FFS supported multiple hard drives simultaneously, which made it ideal for storing large files.

Today, FFS is no longer actively developed and support has been dropped in several releases of the Amiga operating system. Nevertheless, it remains an important part of the Amiga history and is still used by some developers today.