What is the full form of GI?

GI stands for Gibraltar.

Short Form GI
Full Form Gibraltar
Category Regional » Countries
Country Gibraltar
Type Unknown

What is GI?

Gibraltar is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. It is located on the southern tip of Spain. Gibraltar is known for its strong fortress walls and strategic location.

Gibraltar started as a small village in the late 8th century BC. It grew into a small town and then a colony of the Roman Empire. In 1262, Gibraltar was captured by the Moors, but it was recaptured by the Christian forces in 1297.

The British took control of Gibraltar in 1704 and it became a part of the British Empire. The fortress walls that surround Gibraltar were built during this time to protect the colony from attacks from Morocco and Spain.

Today, Gibraltar continues to be a stronghold for the British military. It is one of the few places where Britain has a permanent military presence outside of its own country.