What is the full form of GOVT?

GOVT stands for Government.

Short Form GOVT
Full Form Government
Category Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Country Worldwide
Type Unknown

What is GOVT?

Government is an organization that makes and keeps laws for a country or community. Government is also the group of people who run the organization. The word “government” comes from the Latin word “gubernare,” which means “to control.”

People have been living in groups for thousands of years, and these groups have had some form of government. The first governments were probably based on family groups or clans. As societies grew, governments became more complex.

Most governments today are what are called representative democracies. This means that people elect officials to represent them and make decisions on their behalf. The most famous representative democracy is the United States of America.

In a representative democracy, there are usually three branches of government: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. The executive branch is responsible for carrying out the laws, the legislative branch is responsible for making the laws, and the judicial branch is responsible for interpreting the laws.

The government of the United States is an example of a federal system. In a federal system, power is divided between a central government and smaller units such as states or provinces.