What is the full form of H&M?

H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz.

Short Form H&M
Full Form Hennes & Mauritz
Category Business » Companies & Corporations
Country Worldwide
Type Unknown

What is H&M?

H&M is a Sweden-based fashion retailer, with over 1,500 stores worldwide. It was founded in 1945 by Erling Persson and his brother Agne. The company went public in 1993 and is now one of the world’s largest fashion retailers.

H&M is known for its affordable yet high-quality clothing. It has a wide range of clothing, from basics such as T-shirts and jeans to more fashionable items such as dresses and skirts.

One of the company’s most famous products is its clothing line known as “The Hennes & Mauritz Girls.” This line consists of stylish clothes designed specifically for young women.

H&M has been involved in several social causes over the years. For example, it has donated money to help poor children in developing countries and has worked to raise awareness about climate change.

Overall, H&M is a great option for affordable yet high-quality clothing. Its wide range of products makes it a great choice for anyone looking for something unique and stylish.