What is the full form of HOD?

HOD stands for Head Of Department.

Short Form HOD
Full Form Head Of Department
Category Academic & Science » Job Titles
Country Worldwide
Type Unknown

What is HOD?

A head of department (HOD) is a senior executive who heads a department in an organization. The title is commonly used in schools, universities, and businesses.

The head of department is responsible for the overall management of the department and its staff. They set the department’s goals and objectives, and develop and implement strategies to achieve them.

The head of department also has a budget to manage, and they are responsible for ensuring that the department operates within it. They also have to report to the organization’s senior management on the performance of the department and its staff.

The head of department usually has a team of deputies or assistants who help them to manage the department. In large organizations, the head of department may also have a number of direct reports.

The title of head of department can vary depending on the organization. In schools, the head of department may be known as the director of studies, while in businesses they may be known as the vice president or chief operating officer.