What is the full form of INTERNET?

INTERNET stands for Internetwork.

Full Form Internetwork
Category Computing » Internet
Country Worldwide
Type Unknown


The internet is a network of computers that use the same basic protocol to communicate with each other. This protocol is called TCP/IP. The internet is divided into many networks, or segments, called nodes. Each node has a unique address and can communicate with other nodes on the network.

Nodes are located all over the world and are connected by cables. Most of the time, the nodes on the internet are connected to each other. This is called the global Internet. However, sometimes there are problems with the connections between nodes. When this happens, we call it a network outage.

When you go online, your computer asks a server for information. The server contains information about websites and their addresses. Your computer then sends a request to the website you want to visit. The website responds by sending you data that you can read or use.