What is the full form of JDK?

JDK stands for Java Development Kit.

Short Form JDK
Full Form Java Development Kit
Category Computing » Programming & Development
Country Worldwide
Type Unknown

What is JDK?

Java Development Kit is a software development kit that allows Java developers to create, test and deploy applications.

Java Development Kit includes the Java Runtime Environment(JRE), which contains the Java Virtual Machine(JVM), and the JDK tools. The JDK tools include the Java Development Kit Command Line Interface (JDK CLI), the javac compiler, the javadoc documentation generator, the java debugger and several other tools.

The JDK was originally released in March 2002 as a free software project under the GNU General Public License. In March 2006, Oracle Corporation acquired Sun Microsystems, which created some compatibility issues with Sun’s licenses for Java SE 6 and 7. As a result, Oracle decided to release a new version of the JDK under the GPL v2. The current version of the JDK is version 8.