What is the full form of LSD?

LSD stands for Limited Slip Differential.

Short Form LSD
Full Form Limited Slip Differential
Category Technology » Automotive
Country Worldwide
Type Unknown

What is LSD?

LSD is the only type of differential that can improve traction and handling.

Differentials are important components of any car. They allow the car to change its speed and direction differently in order to keep it stable.

The differential in a Tesla car is a special type of differential called an LSD. LSDs are unique because they are able to improve traction and handling. This is why they are sometimes called “the magic differential”.

LSDs work by increasing the power and grip of the drive wheels. This allows the car to stay in its lane and take better corners. LSDs are also able to prevent the car from skidding, which is important in snowy or icy conditions.

In short, an LSD is a very important component of a Tesla car. It has the ability to improve traction and handling, which makes it a safer and more efficient vehicle.