What is the full form of MCC?

MCC stands for Mobile Country Code.

Short Form MCC
Full Form Mobile Country Code
Category Technology » Specifications & Standards
Country Worldwide
Type Unknown

What is MCC?

A Mobile Country Code (MCC) is a numeric code assigned to each country in the world. It is used to identify telephone calls between mobile telephones in different countries.

Each country has its own MCC number. When you make a call from your cell phone to a mobile phone in another country, your phone will automatically ask for the MCC number of the destination country. Your cell phone will then use this number to connect to the telephone network in that country.

There are currently 105 MCC codes, but there may be more in the future. Each code consists of three digits. The first digit represents the region of the world where the telephone service is provided. The second digit represents the country within that region, and the third digit represents the regional code for that country.