What is the full form of MTS?

MTS stands for Make To Stock.

Short Form MTS
Full Form Make To Stock
Category Business » Business Terms
Country Worldwide
Type Initialism

What is MTS?

Make To Stock(MTS) is a process of manufacturing products in advance and keeping them in stock until they are needed. This type of manufacturing is typically used for products that have a high demand but are not customized for each customer.

MTS manufacturing is the opposite of make to order manufacturing, where products are only made after a customer places an order. Make to stock manufacturing is less flexible than make to order manufacturing, but it can be more efficient because products do not have to be made on an individual basis.

Make to stock manufacturing is common in industries where products have a short shelf life, such as food and beverage production. In these industries, it is important to get products to market quickly in order to avoid wasting time and resources on products that will not sell.

Overall, MTS manufacturing is a type of production that is focused on efficiency and meeting customer demand.