What is the full form of NPC?

NPC stands for Non-Player Character.

Short Form NPC
Full Form Non-Player Character
Category Computing » Games & Entertainment
Country Worldwide
Type Initialism

What is NPC?

NPCs are characters in video games that are not controlled by the player. NPCs can be helpful or harmful, and their role in the game is usually not central to the story.

An example of an NPC is the merchant in a video game who sells items that the player cannot access. The merchant is there to make money for the game developer, but they are not important to the story.

NPCs can also be helpful. For example, in “Final Fantasy VII”, if the player makes a bad decision that causes serious consequences, a character called Cid will appear and help them fix their mistake. Cid is an NPC, but he is a very important part of the story.

NPCs can also be harmful. For example, in “Dark Souls”, players battle creatures known as Lost Souls. These creatures are driven insane by pain and suffering, and they march toward player characters intent on killing them. If players don’t kill them quickly enough, they will reach player characters and attack them. Lost Souls are NPCs, but they are still enemies that need to be killed.