What is the full form of OCI?

OCI stands for Other Comprehensive Income.

Short Form OCI
Full Form Other Comprehensive Income
Category Business » Accounting
Country Worldwide
Type Initialism

What is OCI?

OCI is another name for other comprehensive income. It is a type of income that is generated by a company outside of its normal operations. OCI can come from many different sources, such as investment income, dividends, and interest earnings.

OCI can be helpful to a company because it can help to increase the value of the company’s shareholders’ equity. This increased equity can help to fund future growth and expansion initiatives.

OCI also helps to protect a company from future financial risks. For example, if a company earns income from investments that are risky and may not produce a consistent return, OCI can help to buffer the company against these risks.

OCI is an important part of a company’s overall financial strategy, and it should be included in any financial plan that is developed. By understanding what OCI is and how it works, companies can make better decisions about their finances.