What is the full form of PGA?

PGA stands for Professional Golfers’ Association.

Short Form PGA
Full Form Professional Golfers’ Association
Category Associations & Organizations » Sports & Recreation Organizations
Country Worldwide
Type Initialism

What is PGA?

PGA is the governing body for professional golf in the United States and Canada. The PGA was founded in 1890 and is responsible for promoting, organizing, officiating, and improving the game of golf.

PGA provides a number of services to its members, including amateur and professional tournaments, education, insurance, and licensing. In addition, the PGA administers the PGA Tour, which is the main professional golf tour in the United States.

The PGA also works to improve the game of golf by advocating for changes in rules and regulations. It also promotes international cooperation through its membership in organisations such as the World Golf Council (WGC).

All of these efforts have helped make golf one of the most popular sports in both America and Canada. Thanks to the PGA, amateur and professional golfers can enjoy great competition and improve their skills at every level.