What is the full form of SFTP?

SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol.

Short Form SFTP
Full Form Secure File Transfer Protocol
Category Computing » Protocols
Country Worldwide
Type Initialism

What is SFTP?

Secure File Transfer Protocol is a protocol used to transfer files between two computers.

SFTP is a very simple protocol that uses the standard TCP port 20 for all communication. SFTP is supported by most modern operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

SFTP works by establishing an encrypted connection between the two servers. Once connected, each server can transfer files using the open SFTP protocol. This means that any user on either server can access the files.

SFTP is a very secure protocol because it uses SSL encryption for all communication. This means that data is encrypted before it is sent over the network and decrypted when it arrives at the destination server. SFTP also uses an authentication system that requires both servers to agree on which user can access which file.

Overall, SFTP is a simple but very effective protocol for transferring files between two computers. It is supported by most modern operating systems, has SSL encryption for data protection, and uses an authentication system to ensure only authorized users can access files